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Green Building or Sustainable Building are trendy terms in the Real Estate sector. Much more than a passing fad, it is a real restructuring and a profound change in Real Estate codes. Those changes are more than necessary for the environment and our well-being. Our new article is thus about Green Building and its many […]

novembre 3, 2022

Responsible Real Estate has several challenges… We have listed some of them in our new post: Carbon challenge Occupants health and safety challenge Energy challenge Business ethics challenge Swipe to discover them ➡️

Our lives – professional and personal – have significantly changed during the last couple of years especially because of the global pandemic that forced us to reinvent ourselves, changed our habits, our ways of communicating, working and living together. The term hybrid takes on its full meaning since then. Almost everything has become hybrid – […]

The global pandemic has completely changed our vision and way of working. Remote working – almost non-existent before all of this – is now a part of our professional daily life – for the jobs that do not require a physical presence. Now that the health situation seems to stabilize, many firms are getting back […]

As you may already know, our company – named Properties Solutions – has been specializing in IWMS solutions since 2015. However, you are probably wondering what this acronym stands for. But, what is actually an IWMS solution? A little hint: it’s a smart and efficient way to reduce costs while increasing productivity within your company. And we’re […]

Hybrid workspace is a mix between face-to-face work at the office and remote working from an external place – it can be at home or at a coworking space, for instance. This new kind of work organization combines the benefits of both sides and limits the negative aspects. This is why many companies have adopted […]

There is a before and an after Covid-19 on several levels. Remote working has skyrocketed since then, and this situation has proven us its efficiency. This is why this new way of working is now being structured with adapted tools and working methods. Most companies have rethought their working habits and have now a hybrid […]

Depending on the type of company, and the generations, three different trends in office design emerged. These trends have a direct impact on the efficiency and commitment of the tam members. With the global pandemic, a new type of workspace has become popular: working at home. Closed offices, open spaces, collaborative spaces, and remote working […]

A company needs to consistently innovate in order to ensure the quality of life and well-being of its employees. This innovation should also apply to its facilities. Choose a workspace adapted to the company and its development is a crucial question. The employer must thus be able to provide solutions to improve productivity and efficiency […]

Do you know the link between Real Estate Management, Energy Management, Space Management, and Capital Project Planning? They are all missions of a one same person at a company… the Facility Manager. Facilities Management – also known as Facility Management – is often used in the business world. Do you know what it actually means? […]