Article – Hybrid concierge service: what, how and when?

Our lives – professional and personal – have significantly changed during the last couple of years especially because of the global pandemic that forced us to reinvent ourselves, changed our habits, our ways of communicating, working and living together. The term hybrid takes on its full meaning since then. Almost everything has become hybrid – from our workplace to the services we need.

Remote working, social distancing, flexibility, and our taste for an ever easier and smoother life has raised the virtual to an enviable position of leader. 🥇


  •  Concierge service: creation and definition

Concierge service was originally created for the workers at the World Trade Center – as employees were taking too much time to get their meal during their lunch break because of the great number of floors. In order to solve this problem, companies created the concierge service and other services were progressively added.

It gathers today daily services provided to a company’s workers directly at their workplace. Ironing, meal delivery, dry-cleaning, beauty care, shoe repairing, personal package delivery, car washing, or even flower delivery are some examples of the many services provided to the employees that make their personal life smoother.

The name is borrowed from the luxury hotels conciergeries that offer a wide range of services to their clients. 🤝


  •  The global pandemic: how to adapt

The global Covid-19 pandemic has upset our routine – as for many other things in our professional and personal daily lives. Remote working and lockdown left almost every office empty for a while. Concierge service had stalled. The industry needed to bounce back. But how? Accompany employees in their family lives was a way for concierge service to start making workers life easier.

Some companies decided to launch digital offerings dedicated to intergenerational activities – that everyone likes – such as family cooking classes, foreign language courses, or even online sports activity, for instance.

Other companies decided to focus on the health and well-being aspects – which became significantly important during these dark times that have reminded us that health is our most valuable asset – namely with advice on workplace ergonomics, relaxation methods and stress management workshops.

Concierge service did not derogate from the rule, it had to evolve and adapt to the new societal standards – which apply to both private and professional settings. ☺️


  •  Hybrid side: what is the future

It is very difficult – not to say impossible – to envisage concierge service without a hybrid aspect nowadays and for the future.

One of the objectives is to adapt the services to any company size – no matter the occupancy rate – with great flexibility and agility. The most essential step is to keep the majority of services already available and to avoid sacrificing the content offered to the employees.

Making the transition to this hybrid aspect can be difficult when you do not have the solutions adapted. IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) solutions can ease business management and hybrid workplace organization. They are integrated software solutions that are a great support to concierge service as detailed in this article.

Companies have now different expectations like creating social links and team building – namely through on-site and virtual events (conversations and relaxation moments, culinary workshops, solidarity initiatives, etc.). Employer branding and work life quality are now the main concerns of business executives.

As you might have figured out, the future of concierge service is hybrid but also… green!

Beyond the professional sphere, there is a collective consciousness that is pushing us to change our behaviour at an ecological level. Employees express a growing need for green purchasing, sustainable products and services. A renewed interest for the zero waste and DIY that companies – thanks to hybrid concierge service and adapted software solutions – should listen to and support. 🌿



Concierge service plays an important role in a company life. It makes it easier and smoother for the employees – who are more happy and grateful in their professional life – and it has thus positive impacts on their productivity, which is great for the company.

As life evolves, our personal objectives and behaviours are also changing. Companies should adapt to and embrace this hybrid aspect, which is very useful and beneficial when it is framed and supported with tailored solutions.

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