Article – Workplace: 5 tips to make return to the office easier

The global pandemic has completely changed our vision and way of working. Remote working – almost non-existent before all of this – is now a part of our professional daily life – for the jobs that do not require a physical presence.

Now that the health situation seems to stabilize, many firms are getting back to the office. Remote working has however changed our working habits forever. Flexibility, autonomy, time and cost savings had become highly significant standards for workers.

The following 5 tips will help you to make the return to the office easier ⬇️


1.   Organize a resumption meeting

Your collaborators need to express how they feel about this experience and the situation. And so do you! We suggest you to organize an informal meeting in real life for a warm approach – not at your facilities, but during a lunch at a restaurant or a team building activity, for instance – or online if it is not possible – but remember to keep it casual.

It is also the perfect moment to motivate and encourage your troops through an inspiring speech – by acknowledging their challenges, emphasizing their determination, and thanking them for the work done! 🤝


2.   Define other priorities

The last two years had tremendous economic impacts on most companies – to varying degrees depending on your business sector. There is no doubt that each company needed to rethink its goals and strategy to adapt them to our new global environment – that is changing so quickly, and challenging us at the same time.

What is your company’s position in the sector? Which products/services should be highlighted? How could your collaborators contribute? Involving your employees in these processes will increase their commitment, and then strengthen the company foundation. 💪


3.   Give up on static work methods

Remote working has skyrocketed, as everyone knows. Fully integrate it into traditional working methods are a part of companies’ challenges nowadays. Video conferencing, working from places external to the office, flexibility, online communication, etc. Digitalizing and hybrid workplace are now an absolute need for companies!

IWMS solutions (Integrated Workplace Management System) are becoming essential for an easier business management. They are integrated software solutions available aiming to reduce costs and increase productivity. Space planning – booking a desktop or a conference room, for instance – portfolio management, asset management – furniture and equipment – maintenance and management of operations are covered by IWMS solutions. 🖥️


4.   Create new rituals

Rituals are essential for group cohesion: the traditional coffee break, a team building event, evenings in front of Champions League games, or even just a simple smile – now hidden by the mask! – are many ways to grow this cohesion.

With the social distancing, and hygiene standards to respect, our way of interacting has changed. We need to find or create new rituals respecting our new social codes while keeping the human dimension – that is so significant – in this hybrid work environment. 👍


5.   Adopt remote working… to some extent

It seems complicated – not to say impossible – to consider today’s working life without a remote part. With all the benefits such as time savings and increased quality of life, this work organization is essential nowadays.

We recommend you integrate some days of remote working per week when possible, and offer solutions adapted to your collaborators to optimize their work hours and productivity at the same time. How many days? Fixed days or not? Try to define it in conformity with the company and employee needs. 🏠


Our now digital work life can be complicated to organize for companies that do not have tailored solutions. They had to find ways and adapt in order to provide the best possible work conditions for their collaborators while working from home.

IWMS solutions can be an efficient option through consulting services, technology deployment, and program and project management. It will help you align your collaborators, processes, and technologies in an easy and digital way.

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