Article – IWMS: what does it actually mean?

As you may already know, our company – named Properties Solutions – has been specializing in IWMS solutions since 2015. However, you are probably wondering what this acronym stands for. But, what is actually an IWMS solution?

A little hint: it’s a smart and efficient way to reduce costs while increasing productivity within your company.

And we’re sure that – even though you may not be familiar with this technical term – you know the concept!

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  •  Definition of IWMS:

IWMS stands for Integrated Workplace Management System. The first work “Integrated” is extremely important and is the key of this concept.

The IFMA (International Facility Management Association) has defined IWMS as a platform which supports the planningdesignmanagementuse, and allocation of a company’s assets based on its localization.

IWMS solutions were created to maximize the use of workplace resources, such as:

  • Portfolio Management,
  • Facility Management,
  • Space Management,
  • Project Management,
  • Operations Maintenance and Management,
  • Relocations and development Management,
  • Asset Management (furniture and equipment).


  •  What does “Integrated” mean?

As we have previously seen, a huge part of the importance of this solution is concentrated in the “I” of IWMS. The term “Integrated” represents the integration, unification and sometimes the fusion of many software solutions specialized adapted to workplaces.

One of the greatest advantages of an IWMS solution is that it incorporates and adapts to the distinctive features of each activity sector.

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  •  Why to use an IWMS?

An efficient and fluid communication within a company is a key to success. IWMS solutions were precisely created for this reason.

You can see this software solutions as an evolution through the digital revolution. IWMS allows the interoperability of these solutions and ensures the data durability of a company.

You can think of it as an all-in-one digital platform especially created and designed for a company and its specific needs. Some tools related to services – for the facilities, occupants, or working processes – can also be integrated.


  •  Who is IWMS for ?

IWMS solutions offer a complete range of services. Used for planning and managing the services for the facilities, occupants and working processes, this kind of software solutions can be a great help for everyone regardless of the business sector.

You can be more interested in these solutions if you have the following position within your company:

  • Facilities Manager,
  • Office Manager,
  • Property Manager,
  • Security Manager,
  • Human Resources Manager,
  • Chief Happiness Officer.


  •  In a few words…

To sum up, an Integrated Workplace Management System is a complete digital platform which responds to all the issues of Facility Management and Property Management.

Interoperability is a crucial issue to maintain a fluid, flexible, and complementary information system, but also to ensure the singularity and security of data.

You can calmly anticipate the future and progressively equip yourself according to your needs and budget.

The digital transformation must encourage companies to equip themselves with adapted IT solutions that communicate with each other.


IWMS: we have so much to say on this fascinating subject… For this reason, we have decided to redact several articles in order to develop this theme and possibly answer any questions you may have following this article.

We have today defined the IWMS solutions. The next article will focus either on the different missions that can be realized thanks to it or the numerous advantages of using such an integrated system.

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