Article – Workplace: How to design an adapted hybrid workspace?

Hybrid workspace is a mix between face-to-face work at the office and remote working from an external place – it can be at home or at a coworking space, for instance.

This new kind of work organization combines the benefits of both sides and limits the negative aspects. This is why many companies have adopted this work organization today.

However, an efficient hybrid work organization requires adapted solutions and methods. We are going to give you some tips on how to design an efficient hybrid workspace right below. 👇


  •  Hybrid workspace and mobile working:

Remote working has started a new trend: the mobile working – which is a working method not tied to a physical location. The individual office and accredited desktop are starting to disappear in some companies nowadays. Flex office and shared spaces dedicated to work are expanding to meet these new requests.

A worker can now settle where he/she wants at the office according to his/her schedule and tasks to be done. Integrated software solutions help to create an adapted work environment.

Companies are becoming a place of collaboration in which employees meet, exchange ideas, and create bonds. The individual office and accredited desktop are now at home.


  •  Many workspaces in one place:

The company’s facilities are now a place where different work spaces are available. Each one of these work spaces can have different employees in a single day depending on their needs and schedule – a meeting, for instance.

Some workspaces can be dedicated to exchanging ideas with colleagues face-to-face, organizing a remote meeting, or for brainstorming sessions. The places are now adapting to the people, and not the other way around anymore.

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Example of a collective space equipped with a screen and projector for meetings, for instance.

IWMS solutions were created to ease and manage Space Planning, among many others. It can be interesting for a company to choose these integrated software solutions in order to manage efficiently its different workspaces.


  •  Balance between collective and individual spaces:

Hybrid workspaces are a brand-new organization for companies which want to embrace these working methods. Managers need to redesign the spaces and juggle them according to its use – individual or collective – and equipment – with a video projector or not, dual screen, etc. It is crucial to find the right balance between the two uses.

Creating several spaces with different purposes are essential for an efficient hybrid workplace. During the work day, collaborators need spaces which can be loud – such as meeting rooms, or informal spaces for exchanging.

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Example of an informal space for brainstorming, exchanging or creating bound, for instance.

But, remember to always dedicate enough calm spaces that favour concentration and relaxation or for when someone needs to be in his/her own bubble – for writing an important email, making a phone call, meeting with someone remotely or just breathing.

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Example of private space for private phone calls or meetings, for instance.

If you want to go further and combine flexibility with eco-sustainability, the flex office could be an interesting option for you. By reusing furniture according to the company and employees’ needs – such as small tables on wheels, compact and easy to transport from a space to another or tables which switch from a sit to a stand mode in a few seconds, for instance.

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Example of eco-sustainability with these sit-stand tables.


With an efficient hybrid organization, the office is no longer seen as “the place you work at” but the place which carries the company’s values and creates a sense of belonging. The care aspect becomes highly significant.

Employees feel comfortable in their different workspaces, which has a positive impact on their productivity and thus the business economics.

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