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The office life is being reorganized – since the global pandemic – and is impacted by remote working. In an uncertain context, flexibile workspace remain the best method to maintain productivity, well-being, profitability, and environmental objectives. In our new article, learn more about office flexibility and, who knows, you might just take the plunge after […]

Inclusive workplaces are based on a simple idea: being able of integrating many varied profiles among your company while insuring a great team cohesion and an optimal performance. Unfortunately, some managers express their difficulty in facing diversity today. It can be regarding disabled people, older people, young people, women, migrants, and so many other criteria. Work is where we spend […]

Last week, we launched a survey on our LinkedIn page to know which element you consider as (the most!) essential in your workplace ⌨️ As we are limited in the number of available options, we had determined the following four elements: 🏡 Close to your home, 🚌 Transport accessibility, 🖥️ Flexibility and remote working, 🏢 […]

As you may know, at Properties Solutions Group, we build the workplace of tomorrow through Smart Solutions 🌐 We are here to help our clients in many fields, such as: – IWMS, – BIM, – Smart Building, – Smart Office, – Office Planning, – Workplace Management, – Preventive Maintenance, – Asset Management, – Environmental & Risk […]